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Mile-Hi Kelp Meal has long been considered our “missing link” in what we feel to be our “perfect fertilizer”. In 1993 the Front Range Rose Society toured the Kelp Plants of Nova Scotia and with the help of those manufacturers and the reports of extensive Canadian Test Gardens, conducted its own Colorado trials. The results were conclusive... We needed to add Kelp Meal to our formula. Again, we had the same “upsetting the formula balance problems” as we had with Alfalfa Meal. We could not add as much as we wished. We therefore recommend the use of additional Kelp Meal in conjunction with Mile-Hi Rose Feed and Alfalfa Meal. Since the ocean receives runoff from the entire earth, Kelp Meal contains all known minerals, trace elements and vitamins. Known facts about kelp: It has been harvested as a fertilizer, food and medicine for thousands of years; it has antitoxins to fend of bacteria and viruses and to repel insects in the garden; it can retain up to ten times its weight in water and therefore serves as an effective source of water during stressful cropping periods; it stimulates root development, reduces transplant shock, alleviates temperature stress.  It is a 100% natural, renewable organic product which draws from the strength of the sea. Mile-Hi Kelp Meal should be applied to the soil in early spring as soon as the soil can be worked. It should also be applied in the fall as it acts as a slow release compost during the non-growing season. How much Kelp Meal is enough? When used in conjunction with Mile-Hi Rose Feed, about 1/2 cup twice during the growing season (one half cup with the first feeding and one half cup with the third feeding). (see chart below).
Available Sizes:
1 gallon bucket (6#) approx.18 cups

2 gallon bucket (13#) approx. 39 cups

3 1/2 gallon bucket (25#) approx. 75 cups

All buckets are heavy duty, moisture proof, air tight, gasket sealed, reusable, recyclable, natural white with one-cup measuring scoops.
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