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Mile-Hi Alfalfa Meal is recommended as an additive to be used in addition to Mile-Hi Rose Feed. In early production years alfalfa meal represented a very high percentage of the total product weight. As the introduction of new and improved additives progressed through the years, together with a desire to enhance the strength of Mile-Hi Rose Feed, changes and improvements were always made at the expense of alfalfa meal. Yet today alfalfa meal continues to do the same job as it has for decades - breaking down when in contact with soil organisms and triggering the release of soil nutrients. A 1980 report by eastern laboratories concluded that triacontanol is what makes it work. Triacontanol is a naturally occurring straight chain alcohol present in the leaves of many plants, particularly late-year cuttings of alfalfa which are very high in protein. Although alfalfa meal is not a substitute for fertilizer or plant food, when used with Mile-Hi Rose Feed it will produce amazing results. How much alfalfa meal is enough? In conjunction with using Mile-Hi Rose Feed, about 1 cup twice during the growing season (one cup with the first feeding and one cup with the third feeding). In construction of a new bed add about 40 pounds per 100 square feet of rose bed. You will enjoy healthier foliage, better stems, more basal breaks and greater plant vigor.
Available Sizes:
10# sacks, approx. 39 cups

25# sacks, approx. 97 cups

All sacks are heavy duty, triple lined, moisture proof.
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